An ultimate solution digitizing

RT scanner is the most powerful scanner model that makes you to overcome the typical problems that we are faced in overhead scanners.

RT scanner is the only solution to avoid De-binding the books, page curvature, damage to book spine, and time destruction. The RT Scanners uses a different angle approach to scan the books called a V-shaped solution. The combination of a V-shaped book cradle and a V-shaped platen holds the book open at a non-stressful 120 degree angle for scanning by two hi-speeds, hi-resolution DSLR cameras.

RT Scanner eliminates the need for page curvature correction because it produces natively flat images in the first place. This hardware approach results in faster operating time and more reliable result than the software manipulation techniques used by overhead scanners that produce curved pages

Books Like's the V- Angle

V-shaped cradle provides better support for your battered old books than conventional 180° cradles. Scanning is performed without laying books out flat and applying undesirable force to bindings.

Over "sized" scanning

RT Scanner has the ability to scan oversized books -- up to A2, newspaper size -- and heavy, cumbersome items such as deed registries.

High resolution out put

RT Scanner delivers a high resolution output beyond the superior technologies. The RT Technology combines the extreme speed of the machine and exact accuracy of the software in correct combination to get a quality output.

Automatically edited while doing the scan

The RT Scan provides compatible software for scanning machine that makes the editing process automatically in the mean time of scanning. So it reduces the time and human resources.

Technical specification for RT SCANNER
  • High resolution cameras
  • Non reflective glass
  • Adjustable V- angle separated book bed
  • Led lights
  • Power supplier
  • Platform for movable book bed
  • USB
  • System
  • software
Software features
  • Supports uncompressed RAW format
  • Change camera settings with just a click
  • Timed lapse capture for scanning without pushing a button
  • Scan left and right pages at the same time to increase productivity
  • easily insert missing pages or replace bad shots anywhere without worrying about filenames
  • Indicator tells the status of your camera battery status and settings
  • Auto editing